The Big Winter Sand Art Box

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This box is perfect for sharing between family or friends, or ideal for to keep your children busy during the winter evenings and weekends in the run up to Christmas - Lots to keep them busy, and even better, lots of lovely sand art pictures to join your treasured collection of homemade Christmas decorations.

Our big value pack includes:

  • Santa Oval
  • Rudolph Oval
  • Tree Oval
  • Candle Oval
  • Angel Oval
  • A4 Disney Christmas Picture
  • A4 Winter Deer
  • A4 Christmas Tree

And that's a lot of pictures!  So we are also including:

  • 15 Colours of Sand, in 50ml bottles 
  • 2 Spare bottles and caps for you to recycle your own unique created Rainbow Sand
  • Sleeves and sticky hooks for all of the A4 pictures
  • String to hang all of your Christmas Decorations
  • Instruction leaflets
  • Picks

We reckon that there is enough in here to keep you all busy for hours!

And remember - NO GLUE, NO CUTTING, and NO STICKY MESS!!

To make each picture, all you need to do is to use the little pick stick to lift a corner off one of the pre-cut picture to peel the pre-cut yellow top layer off and revel the pre-adhesive sticky underneath layer.  With your picture on a tray, choose your colour of sand and sprinkle the sand on the white sticky bit you've revealed.  Hold the picture flat and give it a little shake, then be environmentally friendly and tip the excess sand off into a bowl to re-use again later on - you'll be amazed how little sand is used.

Work your way around the picture section by section, remembering that you can use your excess sand too as well as the tubes we've included.

Be creative, be experimental!  Mix up your colours and have fun - there are no rules - Christmas trees don't need to be green!  They can be pink, orange, stripey, and a mixture of whatever colours you want to mix up.  It's up to you - have fun!

And remember - don't forget to make your own unique rainbow sand.  When you make the pictures, tip of the excess sand onto a tray, or into a bowl, and then you can recycle this instantly by tipping it into one of the two spare bottles that we've included in the box.  This magical mixed up wonderful rainbow sand is just beautiful, ideal for colouring big brackgrounds, and uniquely created by your children making it even more special.

Discounts are available for multiple purchases - ideal for gifts.  Why wait til Christmas  - perfect for those long winter evenings, make and create Christmas pictures that you're family and friends will not only love to receive, but also love to keep.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review