Rocket spaceship sand art picture - A4

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This rocket, jetting off into space, is one of a top selling sand art pictures.  Everyone loves a good spaceship!  Pefect for boys and girls, and lots of room for creativity as you colour in your own magnificient outer space sky with all the lovely colours of sand.

Simply peel off the pre-cut top layer to reveal the pre-glued underneath and sprinkle on your coloured sand.  Remember to tip your excess sand back off into a bowl ** TOP TIP ** the tipped off sand makes a wonderful colour for the sky in your picture, all muddled up with lots of different colours.  Check out the video below where we do this.

The picture can be purchased on its own, with a single picture sand art kit, and with the sets of bottles.  If you are buying a few pictures for use in the same house, then we would recommend the bottles rather than a number of the single picture sand kits - because you'll get more sand and less packaging, AND if you send your empty bottles back we will give you a credit towards your next purchase to say thank you for recycling.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review