Mandala 1 Sand art picture - a4

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Our mandala sand art pictures are such good fun.  Lots of sections, and lots of detail, means that you can create fabulous patterns and no two pictures will ever be the same.  Perfect for adults, older children, and young children that love a challenge and have lots of time.

Mind you, if you want to stop half way, remember with our sand art pictures, because there is no glue, it means that nothing spoils, simply make sure that any peeled off sections are coloured in with sand, and then pop the picture away until next time you're ready to resume.  It's nice to know that it's not do-it-now-or-it-all-goes-to-waste type product.  This picture is ideal for someone that likes to do a little bit a day.

Remember to use the tipped off sand too!  Tip the excess sand off the picture into a bowl, and its all ready to be reused, just grab a spoon and sprinkle the sand back on.  

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review