Happy cat sand art picture - eco range

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Product Overview

Meet our happy cat - a lovely cheery cat picture to colour in with sand.

We've already pre-glued and pre-cut the picture so all of the hard work is done for you, leaving you the fun bit of colouring it in with sand, without having to worry about knives or stick glue.   Peel off the paper, pour on the sand, colour it in, and tip off the excess into a bowl for reuse.

The cat is part of our eco range of pictures, made from FSC paper products meaning they have been made from fully recyclable paper pulp.

You can purchase this picture on its own, or with a single picture sand kit - if you are buying a few pictures then we highly recommend that you add the sand bottle collection - more sand, less packaging, and where you can get our recycle credit.

You can watch the product video below showing how to make the picture, and how easy and simple it is to peel off the outline.  Lovely and calming videos to watch and products to make, ideal for quiet interludes in the middle of busy days.

Product Videos


(No reviews yet) Write a Review