Disney - Minnie Mouse - Christmas Special

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Disney's Minnie Mouse at Christmas

A lovely winter picture of Minnie Mouse, big A4 size and lots of scope for mixing your coloured sands to make a picture unique to you!

Available as a single picture for you to add to your basket and pick and mix your own sand art bundle, or available with a single picture sand kit added for you.

NOTE:  There is a tiny production flaw in this picture, where the pre-cut sections have been missed on Minnie's tights - so you can either have nice bright yellow tights if you leave the section unpeeled, or a grown up can fix with a knife or scissor blade.  Because we are aware of this fault we have put a 25% discount on this product.  The tiny flaw doesn't stop the fun or enjoyment of the product.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review