Cat and Kitten sand art picture - eco range

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Product Overview

If you love cats then this sand art picture of a cute cat and her kittens is definitely for you.  Peel the top yellow section off, sprinkle on your sand and tip any excess back off into a bowl ready to be reused again later.

You're in charge, colour your cats however you want, mutlicoloured, stripey, spotty - its all up to you.  And remember cats don't need to be brown or grey, you can have pink cats, purple cats, yellow and green stripey cats, we include lots of colours of sand so make the most of them.

See the videos on this page to show you how we made our picture that you can see here, and another little short video that shows you just how simple it is to peel off the outline and top layer.

You can purchase this sand art picture either as a single picture or with an add on of a single picture sand kit (includes 7 tubes if different coloured sand).  If you are buying a few pictures then we recommend you purchase picture only and then add on our sand bottles product which gives you lots more sand and a lot less packaging, and if you send the bottles back to us when you've finished we will give you a recycling credit.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review