What do we do with the left over sand?

Posted by Sandra on 31st Oct 2020

What do we do with the left over sand?

Sometimes customers worry about the extra sand that's tipped off the pictures, and what to do with it to ensure that it isn't wasted.  Some customers try to get the caps off the tubes and tip it back in, and although its possible (but tricky because we put those caps on really tight so that they can't come off in children's mouths) we do have a better recommendation.

When your children are making their sand art pictures, simply have a bowl next to them that they can tip the excess sand off into.  If your children are younger it might be easier to let them tip it off onto a tray, and then for you to tip the tray into a bowl.

When you have your bowl of sand, all you need is a spoon, and then your children can sprinkle on that lovely multicoloured sand back onto their pictures straight away.  We like to call it magic rainbow sand, because every time you make a picture, the magic sand you create will be a different colour.

Magic rainbow sand from a bowl is idea for using with a spoon to colour in some of those backgrounds on some of the bigger pictures - we've used it here on background of our lovely Christmas tree picture - why don't you zoom in and see just how many different colours there are in there!

And when you've finished up all of your pictures, why not keep it in an old jamjar ready for arts and crafts with your kids another day.