Kidsbeehappy reawarded Toymark Award for 2020

Posted by Sandra on 10th Nov 2020

Kidsbeehappy reawarded Toymark Award for 2020

Kids Bee Happy are delighted to announce that we have been re-awarded the Toymark Award from consumer group "Let Toys be Toys" for the fifth year running.

Let Toys be Toys is a consumer group that raises customers and retailers focus to ensure that toys and play choices aren't made on the basis of gender.  It's not about gender neutrality - it's about gender free choices. If a boy wants to play with dolls and a pram - fab, if a girl wants to play with a builder set - ace.  Play shouldn't be restricted by gender.

So how do we take this into consideration - well its simple:

- We don't have "girls" pictures and "boys" pictures

- We are careful to offer random mixes of sand colours, rather than US deciding that all unicorns need to be pink and all lorries need to be blue.

We don't do gendered colours, we don't do gendered designs, we don't do gendered packaging or marketing.  We just do products for kids - all of them, nice and simple.