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This kit includes everything you need to make your own Angel sand art decoration.

Pick a section, peel of the pre-cut yellow top layer to reveal the pre-adhesive sticky underneath layer, sprinkle on your chosen colour (or colours!) of sand, and then tip the excess sand off into a bowl.  

Our lovely decorations are about 12cm tall, and or sand tubes have flip tops and tiny holes in the top, to ensure that sand goes only where you sprinkle it and doesn't spill where you don't want it.

Remember to keep your excess sand ready to reuse - its fabulous for colouring in the backgrounds.  We also suggest that you make your picture on tray.

And remember, your picture is your own, so be creative and mix up the colours - The Angel's dress doesn't need to be white - it could even be stripey!!


Each pack includes:

- 4 Tubes of different randomly chosen colours of sand

- Your Angel sand art picture

- A pick

- Instructions.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review